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Our Story

It all started as an idea in 2017 inside a one bedroom apartment on South 1st Street in Austin after a lot of time spent running around Town Lake; make a few pairs of running shorts with built-in briefs that could go several times in between washes and design, source and manufacture everything locally.

After a lot of trial and error and little heartache we started sourcing fabrics and samples overseas and developed a great relationship with a factory in India that was able to deliver products up to our standards.

In late 2019 our first line of running inspired apparel arrived in Austin and in early 2020 our dream of having a Clubhouse flagship location was realized when we moved into our spot on West 6th St. in Austin.

The Clubhouse is a special place where runners, podcasters, musicians and all around active Austinites can come together and enjoy a place that aims to preserve the eccentric old Austin spirit that seems to be fading.

Clubhouse is more than a brand.  It's a lifestyle.  It's everything that encompasses the active way of life we all love about the community in Austin.